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We believe in working together in order to achieve objectives. This is why we are always available for interviews with motivated dental technicians (possible internal workers) and dental practitioners who desire to fully realize their professional potential in a modern, dynamic, and growing environment.


the values that we consider to be at the base of our profession are:

  • A sense of responsibility, respect towards people and the environment
  • Enthusiasm in tackling one’s own private and professional life
  • A strong will to better oneself and a strong conviction to do it
  • A search for precision and perfection in solutions and realized devices
  • Maximum attention to the team approach, to the satisfaction of our dental practitioner clients and of the patient recipient of the odontoprosthetic device.

The characteristic that we favor are passion in professionalism and working in a team, respect, resourcefulness, determination and flexibility.

If you believe in this work, if you have passion for prosthetic dentistry and/or the position of dental technician, and you want to collaborate with a solid and growing reality,

then you are one of us.

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