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Since 1957… towards the 60th year with enthusiasm and energy!

In these years, through our work, we’ve experienced the transformation of many individuals: from the restoration of the masticatory functions, to the improvement of self confidence, to a more intense and happy social life.
Could one dedicate their time to something more beautiful?
“Onwards to our 60th” is a comprehensive program composed by:
• New website
• Brochure
• Cards and Card Holder “Smaniotto Dental Art Collection”
Devices created with the scope of confirming how much effort, energy, enthusiasm, and competency are necessary to realize the “unique works” that we perform.

The numerous requests “pleasantly surprised” us, and we are making a new series of cases that will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Fill the form out with your personal information to receive, free of charge, a useful working tool:
the elegant Card Holder Smaniotto Dental Art Collection complete with 6 card!


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