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The dental technician

Our profession of dental technician is vital for the team charged with taking care of oral health, we are often the ghost writers for the success of the prosthetic and restorative therapies.

Prosthetic odontoiatry has at its base our knowledge and capabilities.

The devices realized (es. crowns, inlays, dental veneers, mobile prosthetics or bite) are fruits of our labor. With artistic talent, materials knowledge, and commercially available techniques, we can obtain the best results for every single patient. The use of tested and certified high-quality materials is fundamental for the result, esthetic longevity, and functionality of the therapies.


Like all professions that are responsible for public health, odontoiatry and dental technicianship require a high level of knowledge, competency, experience, and ethics. (see AIOP – www.aiop.com – Patients Area)